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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

September 21, 2010: DWB82

DWB82: Not really into killing chicks and raping babies myself but I still got a kick out of your profile......WTF!!

(My profile talks about dolphins and a study showing how they killed their young and sexually assaulted a few women, where this moron got this shit from I have no clue. Probably his own secret little fetish).

Me: OK...

DWB82: So whats your deal, do you just get a kick out of the bullsh*tpeople write back to you and your just on here purley for amusment?

Me: Yep

DWB82: That's sad, at first I thought you were kinda funny, didn't mind talking to you but I wont be the center of some f_ckin joke that you and you boyfriend like to read and feel important. You guys should get a real life, make some friends, find a hobby, get a job ect......(yep!)

(How the hell can 2 words cause such an epic spaz?!)

Me: Wow calm down spaz. Both of us fo have lives, jobs and hobbies. I work in health care WTF do you do that's so impressive that you actually have to use this site for real? And oh I've got friends. Maple Ridge? My whole fucking family lives there. Have fun never getting laid, tool.

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