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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13, 2010: kitkat17

So if you want to pick up girls at 4 A.M the first thing you do is ask a way too personal question as an intro, accuse them of bestiality and then go schizophrenic and pretend to be your own dad. Works every time.

kitkat17: is your clit pierced?

Me: No.

kitkat17: how far down your poon hole has J Boots gone?

Me: How much crack have you smoked?

kitkat17: um who is this? Who are you to bad mouth my son!

Me: Jesus Christ go to bed you schizophrenic dumbass.

kitkat17:  ur hot

Me: ........

kitkat17: do you have any diseases i should know about?

Me:  All of them if it means you'll leave me alone.

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