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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

April 6, 2010: codyalexander

codyalexander: wwwhhhoooaaa yor freakin sexy!

Me: Thanks

codyalexander: short n sweet eh lol

Me: Ya, I'm lazy today

codyalexande:r im usually lazy on a good day

Me: Yaa I'm not so bad most of the time.

codyalexander: for example im sitting at the computer mixing differant kinds of candy to see whats the best mix... so far its mini eggs and gummi bears cause its tastes alot like a big turk.. hmm good day so far.

Me: Haha

codyalexander: its allright i know your jelouse

Me: Totally

codyalexnader: lazy again?

Me: Nah, just distracted

codyalexander: your not a very nice person

Me: ....uh ok?

codyalexander: just vibes sry.. lol sry that comment didnt make me very nice either hahah..

Me: Yaaa well I don't even know you so I don't really care

codyalexander: oh here we go go with the mocho punk rock anti sociaty shit... ps im just ****ing with you ease up.

Me: Yes, that's totally me. Not caring about what people you don't even know on the internet think isn't really [SIC] "mocho punk rock anti sociaty shit", it's just common sense.

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