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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

August 20, 2010: Super Man

Super Man: Hi. I think your super sexy. Happy fishing.

Me: I'm not single.

Super Man not single?... then what are you doing here? Silly girl...

Me Well if you'd actually read my profile you'd know.

Super Man: ya, ya... I read your profile the first time... I do read and I never asked you out or something... maybe you should read! I was just being nice. Who would believe this dolphin crap anyhow? Sounds like a load of bull shit. Your ugly anyhow... lol. I do much better than you. Freak!

And then the pussy blocks me. Because a scientific research on dolphins is total bullshit. And I must be so ugly and freaky considering he went out of his way to message me and call me sexy. Maybe he'll die in a fire if we're lucky.

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