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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

April 6, 2010: gfitter

gfitter: Are you 420 friendly?Are you fun?

Me: Not anymore, not with my meds

gfitter: So can you come out and play? Are you allowed to have a sleep over,or play house?We could dress you up!!ha ha

Me: I'm allowed to do whatever the **** I want, unfortunately this kind of retardation does not capture my interest.

gfitter: So doe spank your *** get you up for a harley ride and beating on the 4x4 in the bush work !If not go fish......later

Me: You know what gets me up? When people can type without sounding like a four year old with Down's. And no, all those things are kind of fail. I'm not even single, can you not read?

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