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Thursday, July 14, 2011

May 18, 2011: "Elpad"

This isn't a Plenty Of Fail but it is a pretty epic tell off towards some MASSIVE video game geek being a major fuck tard on my boy and his buddy's picture discussions.

Dear Elpad: (What in the name of ass is an Elpad? I'm going to call you Le Pad because you seem to be in a constant state of PMS as is). How about you get a life? You know, a real one. Not on the computer. You're clearly some fat ass, greasy computer geek who gets off on trying to sound superior to others online. I've got a better idea: get your Cheeto's stained hand out of your dirty sweat pants and off of your two inch nub and go outside. You know? That place? Outside? With that weird glowing ball in the sky? Let's see how cool you are then. 

P.S This is most likely the first and last time a chick will ever talk to you. Mom doesn't count.

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