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Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14, 2011 "Mr. Chill"

Mr. Chill: Hey I noticed you viewed my profile, If you would like to chill and possibly save the world let me know. I would love to get to know someone that is friendly and fun to hang with. I've got candy too

Me:  I don't recall viewing it at all.

Mr. Chill: Its kool, we just be chillin and blazin anywayz. About to go dirtbiking. If thats ur thing i'll let my buddies know and you could use the yz80 if ya want. if no, its all good. we be leaving in an hour. headed up mt benson. peace. if this mag came twice sorry, this site is ****in up.

Me: I've already got shit planned with other people.

Mr. Chill: someone else has beet ya to the spot of cash and fame, too bad really, your quite adventurous looking and I got alot of money to by diamonds with. It took a minute but I realized by your crude reply that you would not fit in with us. We be lookin for nice girls to take shopping and shit.

Me: Uh, no thanks. I don't need your money I have plenty of my own.

Mr. Chill: well sh*tmang, didn't see your 2nd response. it was alot better than first. sorry maybe there is some kindness in there. lol.... i feel shitty now. anyway i would say maybe in future but after my bullsh*tmessage that prolly aint gonna happen now. sorry again. i shoulda waited a few more mins for better reply. have a good one eh

Me: Do I even look like someone who wears diamonds? Christ.

(I mean really, do I?)

Mr. Chill:
ah money is good aint it. sh*tyou race then. Now i'm totally not interested in hangin with you but maybe we can do some business. you need a supplier, I wheel and deal with all kinds of shit. You race at all. or have some friends that have decent enough wallets to place a good bet cuz we like to race. most of all we are single handedly taking over this towns underworld of street racing. if interested meet at nanaimo lakes rd where harewood mines rd meets with it tonight at 1 am. we be there. I'm racing my mustang and my best bud is unleashing his camaro. 455ci 650 hp, that thing bombs man. I understand if you find this weird. I dont blame ya, but I do message alot of people cuz we are starting an empire. always looking for more members

Me: You are making zero sense. Money doesn't mean shit to me. We're all supplied quite fine as it is. And as for cars, that's right up there on my list of things I'd rather watch paint dry than bother with. Do I look like I hang out with people like that? Really?

Mr. Chill: i make no sense cuz i'm high lol. iz some good weed. peace i'm done buggin ya

Mr. Chill:
Wow you boring then, I'd rather watch water boil then hang with you lol. sh*tmang.... my buddy here says he don't see moody sh*tlike this often. must be on da rag.

(Aaaaand he closes his account so we'll never know if he got this last message or not, and I'm so disappointed I didn't get a picture of this dumb ass. Picture one of those highly attractive boys off of the nerd revenge movies and you've basically got it. Now let the epic shoot down begin...)

Me: What the fuck is with your God awful typing? You know you're not black right? Give me a break. Ya I'm sure you're "SO HIGH" like the chicks at the bar who have one beer and fall all over the place slobbering all over the nearest cock and gyrating half naked against her skanky friend.

Wow. How typical of a narrow minded male. "You don't agree with what I say and call me out on being a fucking idiot so you must be on your rag." Yes, I'm boring because I don't want to hang out with a complete dumb fuck and already have my own plans. Why don't you try your ridiculous speech down at the high school? I'm sure there's a few idiot 13 year olds you can con with your "mad playa blingin" skills. Meanwhile I think we all know you're just trying to bring your online gaming faggotry into real life. I mean have you looked in the mirror lately? You look like a God damn computer nerd who hasn't seen the light of day for 13 years and stole his grandpa's glasses. Don't even turn around and call me ugly because we all know damn well I'm not and you're only trying to back track because you got shot down.

P.S If you're trying to get on my fail blog it worked. If you weren't then too bad, it's online for all to see. Good luck ever getting taken seriously on here again... oh wait... Moron

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