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Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 7, 2011: "MrGreatness"

So apparently the blog is getting a little bit famous. In fact so famous that some army spaz wants to be a part of it (or he genuinely is bat shit crazy).

MrGreatness: Hey there. Im not searchin your area but you came up somehow. do yoiu ever come to Surrey, or Delta?

Me: I haven't been over there for a long time. I usually only go to Richmond.

MrGreatness:  Oh why whats in Richmond?

(4 minutes later...)

MrGreatness: Listen to me Uncle Tiffany, are you gonna ****in reply or not? It's a pretty simple ****in question. God damnit!

Me: What the fuck is your problem? I'm not sitting at the computer hitting fucking refresh every two seconds. 

MrGreatness: You ****in sghow some ****in respect around here before I snap!

Me: You know it's not funny when you act like a tard on purpose just to be on my fail blog.

And I haven't heard a damn thing since.


A week later we have a reply, and God is it ever fucking hilarious.

MrGreatness: Like Im ugly, or whoever said it is ugly? Obviously, ****in goof. You are a gilr. The moment something doesn't doesn't go your way the direction that shit's comin from is where you focus on, and you hate automatically. Goof.

(Did anyone else make any sense of that? I sure as hell didn't)

Me: Wow way to take a week to reply. Do you always spaz that hard when someone takes a whopping 4 minutes to reply? Oh ya, clearly I'm a goof. I'm the one who goes bat shit crazy for no reason. Do us all a favour and check yourself into psych.

PS You're on the fail blog anyways so it's ok.

MrGreatness: I hope you die. If I see you in person I will know it's you, and i will spit on you, you ****in ****!

Me: Wow, you're an epic psycho. Your parents must be so proud.

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