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Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012: "watchinpaintdry"

So this dude starts hitting on me because "he saw me in the car next to him" (creeper) then all of a sudden starts turning really fruity. I should've known something was up when he told me he'd cock slap my driving examiner for failing me and offer him a blow job.

watchinpaintdry: so i was watchin porn lol

Me: I care why?

watchinpaintdry: my buddy was here watchin too, he stayed the night

Me: Ok... I don't really care...

watchinpaintdry: things got crazy last night

Me: ....

watchinpaintdry: i saw it

Me: Saw what

watchinpaintdry: his penis

Me: I don't really need to hear about whatever gay activities you guys got up to.

watchinpaintdry: im not gay

Me: Well this is starting to sound really gay...

watchinpaintdry: but ive always dated girls .

watchinpaintdry: how come i watched him

watchinpaintdry: i sound really gay?

watchinpaintdry: im scared lol

Me: Dude I have no idea...

watchinpaintdry: he came on me

Me: Ok this is awkward...

watchinpaintdry: he came on my face

watchinpaintdry: maybe im gay

watchinpaintdry: i am curious to date a guy

Me: I don't need to know this. :|

watchinpaintdry: soory can i talk to u about it ?

Me: I don't even know what to tell you.

watchinpaintdry: well i date girls but latly in the las couple years i been sneaking
around with guys and tryin oral sex

Me: I see...

watchinpaintdry: its weird i just like to play withcocks for somereason

Me: So go do that. Why do you need to tell me about it?

watchinpaintdry: i guess i just wanted to tell u the truth behind me

Me: Doesn't affect me though.

watchinpaintdry: im goin on a date wit a dude:) kinda excited !!!

Me: Ok have fun.

watchinpaintdry: well its not planned yet but he wants to hang out and see what happens
lol that must mean he wants to hook up too

Me: Lovely


Me: What the fuck...

watchinpaintdry: lol im probably gunna give him the best head hes ever had:P

Me: Good for you.

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